Giuliani Plans Join Wallets, Dildos as Hotel Detritus


Photo: Getty Images

When the Daily News reported on secret Rudy-for-prez plans earlier this week, the paper said the document had been left behind in a hotel. If so, that’s no surprise to New York hoteliers, who say guests abandon stuff all the time — with wallets, passports, jewelry, and clothes high on the list. Top rankers also include sex toys, which Times Square’s 700-room Hotel Carter doesn’t bother to return to owners. “We just throw them down the chute,” says the hotel’s Erwin Leumanglas. Lest you think jettisoned dildos are unique to low-budget joints, the five-star Mandarin Oriental gets its share as well, says Tony, a security guy there. “People are traveling and want to take care of their personal business, so to speak,” he says. At the touristy Roosevelt, a foreigner once left a revolver in his safety deposit box, according to telephone operator Christine Matthews. At the swank Palace a year ago, staff found in the restaurant bathroom a certain movie star’s “very, very high-profile prenuptial agreement,” says the hotel’s PR guy Pete Holmberg. (“We don’t know how it got there, but the couple is still together.”) And as if the Chelsea Hotel’s rep wasn’t already strange enough, it seems a guy once left a python in the bathtub there. “It was 1988, 1989,” recalls front-desk manager Jerry Weinstein. “The maid had an alcohol problem, so when she said she saw a giant snake, no one paid attention to her.” But the vision was real. “We called the ASPCA,” says Weinstein, who doesn’t remember the identity of the snake’s owner. “Just some very weird guy from Long Island.” —Tim Murphy