Gray Lady, When Not Showing Some Breast, Leg, Scolds Teens for Showing Breast, Leg

In another blow to the patriarchy, today’s Times is giving Andrea Dworkin–size coverage to readers’ response to “Middle School Girls Gone Wild,” Lawrence Downes’s condemnation of the Britney-like wrigglings of a troupe of overrouged prepubescents at a Long Island middle school. In one of three irate letters, a reader rails:

What kind of parents are we when we allow the gross sexualizing of children who are not even remotely of an age where sex would be deemed legal?

I am grateful that I have only one child and that he is a boy. The temptation to lock up a daughter in the nearest convent would be powerful.

Yes, and who can imagine where these young girls are getting such ideas? After all, it’s not like responsible media outlets are running exposés on boob coverage or analyses of how men create digital empires while women sport Marc Jacobs heels or reports on how even older woman can now be porn stars. Oh, kids.

Letters: Our Girls Are Growing Up Way Too Fast [NYT]