Love for New York Is All Around, No Need to Waste It

We know why we love New York. And for two and a half weeks now, you’ve known why we love New York. (Some of you, of course, would prefer we keep those feelings to ourselves.) But we haven’t yet ascertained why you love New York. Until now. Inspired by our annual “Reasons to Love New York” issue, some bloggers have started explaining why they’re so damned fond of this city. Here are a few of our favorites. Got more? Send ‘em in.

The Last Debate: “Central Park in the snow. I love the path along the south side of The Pond, with its lazy sunbathing turtles.”
The Punk Guy: “The reason they left off: New Yorkers are obsessed with being New Yorkers.”
Jewcy: “Because even the most obnoxious, shallow, empty-headed dickwads around here are at least pretty intelligent.”

Reasons to Love New York Right Now [NYM]