Next on NPR: Also, Sometimes Panhandlers Ask for Money on Subway Cars


Photo: Getty Images

Yo, whassup homies — NPR is here to tell us about a fresh new trend: Fly rappers dropping sound underground. Hold on. Let’s put this a little more delicately: NPR’s “Weekend Edition” this weekend discovered a fascinating new phenomenon — rappers on the New York City subways who take over trains and force everyone to listen to them for a stop or two. And not only has the intrepid reporter infiltrated the young folks in question, he’s recorded them doing something called “beatboxing”. (Wait’ll they show him the helicopter!) NPR, represent. Adjust your Kangols and acknowledge crack is whack, everyone: It’s going to be a dope ride. Back to 1986.

A Captive Audience for Subway Hip-Hop [NPR]