Norman Mailer still hates Michiko Kakutani, dislikes Janet Maslin, too, and did an interview with Martha Stewart for her TV show. CNN execs went on a corporate retreat to the Bahamas, and “Page Six,” presumably on behalf of Fox News, mocks them for it. If you complain at Nobu, Drew Nieporent might blacklist you. Peter Cook, Christie Brinkley’s soon-to-be ex-husband, went grocery shopping. (Cindy Adams, meantime, dubs Brinkley Professor Emeritus in How to Handle El Piggo, which she actually means as a compliment.) Retired Ford Models vet Neil Hamil to run Elite Models. There’s a reality show being shopped in which ten virgin men compete to lose it to “a celeb.”

Liz Taylor made the first donation to Hillary’s presidential campaign. Schumer chief of staff David Hantman is leaving to become Yahoo’s lobbyist; his girlfriend, who used to work for Bush, is Google’s lobbyist. Richard Perle and Washington Post reporter Tom Ricks argued about Judith Miller at the 92nd Street Y. The couple featured in Dan Klores’s Crazy Love was the center of attention at the party for it at Sundance. Jerry Lee Lewis won’t sign a guitar. Jared Leto may have been drunk, unruly at a Park City bar. Mediocre comic George Lopez ripped mediocre talk-show host Jay Leno on an Orlando radio show. The Earl of Spencer, Diana’s brother, is getting divorced again. Brad Pitt’s mom now gets along with Angie. Kimora Lee Simmons ruined Alicia Keys’s birthday party by yelling at someone.