Obama Dunning Hill’s Dem Donors?

Big Dem donors Steven Spielberg, David Geffen, Jeffrey Katzenberg, and George Soros have all pledged their support to Barack Obama, though Sant Chatwal and Ed Koch — who we’re shocked to learn is still considered a Democrat — are on Hillary’s side. Bill Clinton avoided a flirty blonde at a book party; Hillary called Obama to chat about her White House run. Michael Bloomberg doesn’t think taxpayers should have to pay for the mayor’s living expenses at Gracie Mansion. Shock jocks Opie and Anthony asked Donald Trump to come on their show and discuss the Rosie feud but afterward claimed that he had asked them. Derek Jeter went from Jessica Biel to Gabrielle Union.

Amanda Hearst, Vanessa Trump, and a socialite to be named later are all working on a charity project with former Cartier CEO Ralph Destino Sr. Kirk Douglas once bedded a German chick who liked Nazi role play. An upcoming memoir about JFK Jr. will cover his “party years.” Art critic Jonathan Napack died in China at the age of 39, but it’s unclear how. Bridget Moynahan is depressed, has gotten too skinny since Tom Brady dumped her. Isaac “Chef” Hayes won’t return to South Park because Matt Parker and Trey Stone “weren’t that nice.” A lot of stars are getting swag at Sundance. Lance Bass and maybe-boyfriend Reichen Lehmkuhl are on the rocks. Mario Cuomo and Newt Gingrich will debate at the end of February. Cindy Adams says Bill Clinton is always late for things, calls Terry McAuliffe’s wife “handsome.” Liz Smith talks at length about the upcoming trial of Conrad Black, only mentioning at the end that she got all her info from a book she didn’t actually write.