Playboy TV Finds Naked, Happy New Yorkers

Andrew Einhorn — the self-described “erotic photojournalist” who published the books Naked Happy Girls and Bubble Bath Girls — takes pictures of naked New York women for his new show on Playboy TV, but he insists he’s not a pornographer. “It’s much more on an artistic documentary track,” he says. Each episode of the thirteen-installment series will follow Einhorn on two photo shoots. So how does he do it? “Everything I do in life, I’m looking for women to photograph.” he says. “I’m a great schmoozer, and when I first meet somebody, I think I’m observant and I can comment on their belt or shoes or hair or try to guess their ethnicity.” Then he moves in. “I may say, ‘Oh, I’m a photographer. Can I show you my pictures because I’m always looking for new people?’ And you can kind of tell by the reaction when they see your card whether it’s interesting to them or out of the question.” He says about one in ten potential subjects displays “a pretty big interest,” and about half of them go through with it. Most of the happy girls live downtown, but the Playboy TV producers asked him to try the Upper East Side, too. “We got about fifteen no’s before we found one. We ended up doing a great shoot at her father’s apartment while he was out of town. Had some of his Scotch or brandy at the end too.” The series launches January 13. —Lori Fradkin