Rudy No Longer Thanking God George Bush Is Our President?

A high-level Republican official says that Rudy Giuliani, should he decide to run, won’t have the blessing of Bush or Rove. Recently fired Citigroup exec Todd Thomson, who got himself in trouble for flying Maria Bartiromo around, has flown his wife to Montana, on vacation. Diddy has been partying a lot with “friend” Sienna Miller while his wife Kim Porter stays home with the twins. Martha Stewart is a Hillary supporter, and the launch of high-profile Condé Nast business mag Portfolio may not be going as smoothly as planned.

Playwright Tricia Walsh-Smith canceled a charity staging of her play about addiction after learning that it was being underwritten by Smirnoff. Recently rehabbed Miss USA Tara Connor is out of Trump Tower, now lives with a chaperone in a bigger apartment uptown. Model Maggie Rizer lost her battle to get back the $3 million her stepfather pissed away. Former N.J. Governor Brendan Byrne was responsible for the Meadowlands, and all he has left is a forest named after him. Congrats to the White House’s new pastry chef, William Yosses. Shirley MacLaine and P.R. exec Richard Laermer toasted to prostitutes in Singapore. John F. Kennedy and actor bud Robert Stack used to play games with women. Paris Hilton wants to be a philanthropist. Donna Karan went to Scores with her daughter Gaby, dropped $1,000. Sharon Stones say that if Rupert Everett wasn’t openly gay, he’d have landed James Bond. A new book about call girls and escorts is coming out, and the usual suspects — plus Arnold Schwarzenegger and Brad Pitt — are mentioned. Breaking: Graydon Carter smokes inside the Waverly Inn.