Rupert Knows Whether Judith Regan’s Kids Are Actually Honor Students

Lawyers for HarperCollins are in possession of Judith Regan’s financial statements, will, divorce papers, photographs of her children, unopened Christmas gifts, and a 20-by-30-foot painting of her, among other things. Because she left them all at that office. Ralph Ellison didn’t like Norman Mailer and his beat pals because they reduced the world to sex. As Harvey Weinstein was buying the rights to her movie, Mandy Moore was making out with D.J. AM. Hugo Chavez tried to meet Gisele when they were both in Rio, but she shot him down. Owen Wilson hung out with Kate Hudson in Australia.

Isaiah Washington checked into rehab to curb his proclivity for using gay slurs. Jay-Z and a real-estate broker took a tour of perennially packed LES club Libation. David Blaine did card tricks for the Zagats at a restaurant. Tommy Lee and Dave Navarro hooked up with some chicks at a club in Vegas. Christian cult members tried to unsuccessfully videotape a Q&A session about them at Sundance. Jessica Simpson and John Mayer don’t say much to each other on their dates. Anne Heche left her husband for James Tupper, the co-star of her new movie. The Post says it reported the Ron Burkle–Jared Paul Stern scandal before the Daily News did, also takes Newsies to task for junketeering. Nicole Kidman isn’t set to star opposite Tom Cruise, as Cindy Adams had reported; Meryl Streep is. Noted economics expert Liz Smith says: “In 1950, $50 equaled $50. Inflation experts say today it’s worth $6.58 … ” Okay, then.