Spitzer Not Actually Forcing Gay Things Down Your Throats


Photo: AP

It turns out John Faso — remember, that guy who was trounced by Spitzer? — was wrong after all when he infamously accused his rival of planning to “force gay marriage down the throats of New Yorkers.” The first days of the Spitzer administration suggest the governor has a slower, gentler method in mind. Same-sex marriage, which the GOP wanted you to believe was all but a lynchpin of Spitzer’s platform, was conspicuously absent from the barrage of proposals in his State of the State address. Gay-rights advocates are somewhat alarmed, the Sun reports. But not to worry: As Spitzer’s communications director says, “Gay marriage isn’t a Day One issue.” The governor will get around to it, eventually: “We have to prioritize and that’s how we prioritized.” Spoken like a true leader.

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