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Say this for the print media: As young people abandon newspapers for the Web, newspapers remain obsessively committed to chronicling what’s going on in their rival medium to draw those kids away. Today’s Wall Street Journal, for example, frets that as the Walt Disney Co. unveils its new Website today, “users will be more or less trapped in Disney’s online world, unable to import non-Disney music or video clips to fill out their online profiles,” while the Times is worried about where young thrill-seekers can go for edgy content now that YouTube and MySpace are cracking down. What’s next? Wi-fi’d Bugaboos? Moderated baby talk? Oh, it’s worse: Babble, Nerve’s baby site, offers a YouTube glimpse of our nation’s future (and perhaps even more frighteningly, a glimpse at what happens when a girl who couldn’t get dates in high school is sent to cover such stories). At least the teething crowd won’t have to fight for its right to party.

Baby Loves Disco [Babble]