Tell Everyone You Know How Awful Your Date Was

Internet dating is about to get slightly less anonymous for the city’s post–Sex and the City set. Jennifer Piacenti, 28, a married opera singer and manager of the Wellpath spa, and Elaine Schweppe, 45, a recently divorced interior designer who began dating via the Web, are launching a dating-review site this month called “What Do You Know About Romeo?” Tagline: “We don’t review the sites, we review the guys!”

If this were a small town, you would know something about the guys by reputation,” explains Schweppe, who was inspired to review guys after one potential date e-mailed her obscene pictures. “We are trying to make it more like a small town.” To this end, women will report back on such details as manners, generosity, appearance, and the veracity of the man’s online description. “We want to establish a sorority of Internet daters,” says Piacenti. “Wouldn’t it be nice if you could look someone up and see if he is nice, a psycho, rich, or married?” But, as CEO Rufus Griscom (founder of Nerve Personals) notes, “Spurned lovers aren’t the most unbiased reviewers, and if you meet someone wonderful, you aren’t about to announce it to everyone else.” —Beth Landman