The Freedom Tower Exists for Anyone Who Truly Believes in It


The first part of those columns being installed in December.Photo: Getty Images

How starved is the city for any tangible progress at ground zero? Well, consider this bit from today’s Times:

Stand on Vesey Street, between Greenwich and Washington Streets. Look through the chain-link fences and over the Jersey barriers. The tops of six columns of the tower’s south perimeter are now visible, sprouting from the depths of ground zero. A seventh column, standing alone nearby, is where the Freedom Tower’s east plaza will be

That’s right, reporter David Dunlap gives you step-by-step instructions on where to stand, which way to face, and how hard to squint to see the thicket of steel that will eventually become the foundation for the Freedom Tower. Imagine the corks that will pop when the construction actually reaches sidewalk level.

What a View to Behold, and It’s Really Something [NYT]