The Making of a Trend Piece: An Entirely Speculative Reconstruction of an ‘Observer’ Story Meeting

Jared Kushner, rich-kid publisher: So I hear blogs are big! Let’s do a story on that.

Peter Kaplan, grizzled editor: [Indiscriminant grumbling.]

Kushner: Or about bloggers! Everybody wants to know about bloggers.

Kaplan: [Sighs.] Let’s see, how about — Scocca, why don’t you profile the Gawker King, Nick Denton?

Tom Scocca, quasi-expat erstwhile media editor: I already did.

Kaplan: Right. Calderone! Why don’t you write about how blogs are changing old media?

Michael Calderone, “Off the Record” reporter: That’s what every media story’s about these days.

Kaplan: Right. Sicha! Write something whimsical about how bloggers are now seamlessly moving into old-media staff jobs.

Choire Sicha, “Transom” editor and former Gawker editor: [Rolls eyes, smirkingly drags on cigarette.] No. [Taps on Treo, accepting job offer from Nick Denton.]

Kaplan: Hmm. Oh, wait. Here we go. Hey, new kid!

Chris Shott, junior reporter: [Tentatively.] Yes?

Kaplan: Like every other young media person in New York, these bloggers must drink. Go write about their drinking habits!

Shott: But I think they drink with all the same thirtysomething media people everyone drinks with.

Kaplan: Ignore those other people!

Shott: Okay.


Blog Ghetto [NYO]