Tom and Katie, Together Again

Tom, Katie, J-Lo, and Marc double-dated at Prince’s Golden Globes after-party. And Drew Barrymore and Bruce Willis hooked up at the same party. Diddy tried to pick up Sienna Miller at the CAA after-party, but he couldn’t get in. Cameron Diaz blew up at Jessica Biel for chatting up former boyfriend Justin Timberlake. (Although the Daily News claims their encounter was a bit more jovial.)

A security guard failed to recognize Hilary Swank, so she flipped him off. Liz Smith claims Harvey Weinstein was “Zen-like” over Bobby not winning an award (perhaps not: she claims he hired Pat Kingsley to give the flick Oscar life support). Steven Spielberg chatted up Sacha Baron Cohen. And Globes producers may have been less than thrilled with correspondent Maria Menounos’s professional performance. Bling salesman Jacob the Jeweler asks Diddy, Jay-Z, and Mariah Carey, among others, to testify on his behalf in his upcoming money-laundering trial. Diana Ross hasn’t yet seen Dreamgirls, but she seems annoyed that they use her likeness in it. Tom Brady and Gisele may be an item. Graydon Carter tried to get his haircut, failed, complained to “Page Six” about it. Conan O’Brien bought the penthouse in his building on Central Park West for $8 million. Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson drank together at a birthday party. And Cindy Adams didn’t like any of the dresses she saw at the Golden Globes, so she went to a drag bar.