Top Gawker Editor Canned, Replaced With Gawker Vet

Gawker Media, Nick Denton’s swaggering blog network, yesterday fired Chris Mohney, the managing editor of its flagship site, Gawker, and will replace him with Choire Sicha, the New York Observer writer and editor who was the solo editor of Gawker in 2003 and 2004. Mohney became Gawker’s first managing editor just over six months ago; in that capacity he was responsible for writing several of its posts each day and overseeing the site’s two — now three — other editors. (This seems a good point to mention that the position was created and Mohney appointed to it at the same time Gawker Media fired Jesse Oxfeld, who now edits Daily Intel.) In Mohney’s six months helming Gawker, the site’s traffic, which had doubled in the prior year, remained stagnant, which could not have pleased Denton. Sicha, for his part, has long been rumored to be unhappy at the Observer, where he has edited its “Transom” column and, recently, covered Hillary Clinton. We’ll now get our head out of our ass and stop writing about blog minutia.