Wherein Obst Stands Up for Miranda

Streep winning her most recent Golden Globe. Photo: AP

From: Lynda Obst

Sent: Tuesday, January 23, 2007 4:55 PM

To: David Edelstein

Subject: RE: Powerful Female Executives


Touché. If you get my drift. I suppose women who have broken glass ceilings in the same era as Miranda identified with her, sorry. I had many, many identification points with her character, the least memorable of which were terrorizing past assistants, though there are certainly a few of those who will sign on to the Website and cheerily dredge up incidents I have long since forgotten! But a hit the proportion of Prada does not owe to power-suite feminists alone. In fact, I seem to recall talking to dozens of older men who loved this movie, which surprised me at the time. No, I think the charms of Miranda cross the gender barrier. I agree that Emily Blunt was terrific, as clearly Meryl did in her cooler-than-cool acceptance speech at the Globes. Enough of this squabbling though — it is not a political movie, and these struggles are long over. Except for the numbers of power-suit Hollywood women fired this year. It is not, David, an easy road. Glamorous maybe, from the outside. But never easy.

Iñárritu is a one-off. He is wildly influential on screenwriters and directors here. His triptych approach is now a kind of template for storytelling, and his handheld "scenery is a character" approach has become part of the vernacular. I think that's part of the reason why he demands so much of the actors. When so much is required of the background, when everything is so visceral, the actors wind up highly adrenalized. 21 Grams is when I discovered Naomi Watts's range!

I agree on the animated pictures. I can only wonder what happened at the Globes. Actually, I know — Dr. George (Genius Miller) stayed in Australia. Well, fuhgeddaboudit. Happy Feet all the way.

This is our State of the Union, seen through the lens of the State of the Industry. Such as it is: struggling for Joy in a world of Despair. And tonight we will watch W. try to deny the real state of the union, struggling for spin, having relied for too long on the perspective of Dick Cheney.

Till the votes come marching in.


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