Wherein We Suddenly Start to Feel Bad for Jeanine Pirro


Pirro in late 2005.Photo: Getty Images

We never thought we’d reach this point, but now we’re starting to actually feel bad for Jeanine Pirro. Turns out that the fearless prosecutor and failed attorney-general nominee has a jewelry-making hobby; the “company” is called JP Styles and consists, from what we understand, of Jeanine herself, some thread, and some beads. And now the Feds are investigating it for tax fraud. (It seems that Jeanine sold some baubles, at a couple hundred dollars each, to “courthouse acquaintances,” with profits earmarked toward charity. She also tried to put her handiwork on consignment at Neiman Marcus, unsuccessfully.) We don’t know if JP Styles has paid its taxes or not; what we know is that we can’t shake an image of Jeanine wistfully threading beads at home, alone, by nightlight, while Al is otherwise engaged. Poor girl.

Pirro’s Jewel of Denial in Fed Biz Probe [NYDN]