Anna Nicole’s Death Brings Bio a Second Life

Anna Nicole Smith wasn’t muse only to octogenarian oil barons and subway-advertising diet-pill peddlers; she was also, as it turns out, the inspiration for a pair of writers. In 1996, Barricade Books — the controversy-seeking Fort Lee, New Jersey, house that published The Anarchist Cookbook and The Turner Diaries — brought out Great Big Beautiful Doll, by Eric and D’Eva Redding, the only biography of the former Playmate, as the Times reports today. Now, suddenly, the book is in great demand. And, even better, Barricade had recently completed an update, planning to republish it in paperback this spring. Publisher Carole Stuart was moved to revisit the bio when she noticed Smith’s many travails last fall, recognizing a marketing opportunity. It’s an even better opportunity now, though, as she assured the Times, “We didn’t kill her or anything.” Of course not. As Judith Regan already showed, that’s terrible for sales.

Death Propels Anna Nicole Smith Biography From Backlist [NYT]