Author of Revealed?

Is well-connected photographer-marketer Kate Schelter behind In what can only be described as a minor conflict of interest, Cathy Griffin, spokesperson for Wonderland (Lindsay Lohan’s rehab facility), also doubles as Liz Smith’s Hollywood rep and a writer for People. Robert Downey Jr. shows some sympathy toward Mel Gibson (Downey’s dad is Jewish, no less!) Drew Barrymore and Zach Braff may be dating. Eddie Murphy may return to doing stand-up. Justin Timberlake will perform Internet hit “Dick in a Box” with Andy Samberg when he plays MSG this week. Britney Spears says she feels old, dresses skanky, and doesn’t like the Carlyle. Top AMI executive David Pecker unsuccessfully tried to gain control of from a man who had previously used it as a pornographic link dump.

Mayor Bloomberg was grumpy during a budget meeting in Albany on Monday. MySpace star Tila “Tequila” Nguyen isn’t so pleased with ex-paramour Jared Leto right now. Paris Hilton BFF Kim Kardashian is about to star in an Internet sex tape of her very own. Rudy Giuliani was interviewed for a documentary on radical Islam. Head-butting footballer Zinedine Zidane is attending the Adidas Y3 fashion show tonight. Tom Brady and Gisele had dinner at Philippe. Hollywood widow Dani Janssen dishes on the famous Oscar-night feast she throws for Jack, Clint, Harrison, et al. Liz Smith, for one, is happy that Paris, Britney, and Lindsay don’t wear panties when they go out.