Barack Obama Is Clean, Articulate, and Has Great Newsstand Draw

Just one last bit of gooey romanticism before you get thoroughly disgusted with all vestiges of Valentine’s Day. Remember the Ebony issue that went on sale last month? The one with the profile of Barack and Michelle Obama — that’s Barchelle to you, Us Weekly — that included the sexy pic of Barack nuzzling his wife’s ear and the quotes from Michelle about how husband is a real man? Yeah, well, it turns it the Big O rocks not just Mrs. O.’s world but also the newsstand. The Politico is reporting today that while final numbers aren’t yet available, the real-life Huxtables sold better than any Ebony issue in recent memory. The politics Website says the Obamas are “bringing sexy back to politics.” What? Politics wasn’t sexy already?

Get Ready for Barchelle [The Politico]