Bill Clinton’s Handshakes Are Still Fetishized

Mike Bloomberg, Ron Perelman, and David Koch are the three most philanthropic New Yorkers, according to the Chronicle of Philanthropy. Bill Clinton gave Cindy Adams a tutorial on shaking hands. An old man yelled at Edie Falco. Peter Fonda says stage actors “have intercourse with the audience every night.” Donald Trump wants to dump Nancy O’Dell as the host of Miss USA. A random model — Amber Valletta — doesn’t care for New York. Josh Hartnett and Maria Sharapova considered doing karaoke on Thursday night. Steve Schwarzman grew up poor.

Strict vegetarian” Chrissie Hynde once cut up leather jackets on Gap mannequins. Horatio Sanz was sad when Saddam died. Shelley Ross is leaving ABC News. A rich real-estate guy is fighting with his antiques dealer. Carlos Santana plans to open a restaurant chain. A Sports Illustrated swimsuit model wants to meet Prince. Reggie Miller’s agent yelled at a woman trying to flirt with the NBA star in Vegas. Cameron Diaz and Djimon Hounsou went to Hyde in L.A. together and canoodled. One-legged Heather Mills will be a contestant on Dancing With the Stars. Ingrid Bergman didn’t like the Casablanca script.