Gay TV Station ‘Dominates’ Eighth Avenue Subway Stop


Get the odd feeling as you passed through the 14th Street and Eighth Avenue subway station this morning that every billboard around you seemed exactly the same? Good news: It wasn’t your imagination. For the month of February, Here!, the new gay cable network, is running a “station domination” campaign in station, blanketing every available ad slot with propaganda for its gay soap, Dante’s Cove, and two other shows. The “station domination” program is run by CBS Outdoor, which leases advertising space in a number of terminals, and they’ve got similar dominations scheduled in the next six months for 25 major gay markets nationwide. So of course they picked the stop at the Chelsea–West Village border! Frankly, we’re just sad this whole targeted, dominating, subway-based TV marketing campaign didn’t arise sooner. Think how much an effort at the 125th Street A station could have helped to save UPN.