Is Kate Schelter Behind Let’s Go to the Videotape

If today’s New York Post and Gawker are to be believed, a tipster has finally unveiled the brains behind Socialite Rank, the blog that giddily dissects the folks who will cut you with their Chloé wedges. According to Gawker, Kate Schelter, a fashion consultant, “designs Web sites, knows all the dirt and is at every show.” Really! It just so happens that Amy Larocca taped a Video Look Book over the weekend with the lady herself — damningly, in fact, at a fashion show. Does the recording reveal any signs of secret skewering tendencies?

Well, we’re not sure if we can parse “I thrive on all the energy from Fashion Week, I love everything about it” to mean “I thrive on making fun of celebutantes while simultaneously upholding their shallow way of life,” but maybe Schelter is sending some secret double message when she wiggles her fingers and deviously tells Amy her Chanel nail polish is “sold out.”

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