Life in New York Is Very Taxing

“No other large city comes close” to New York in terms of the tax burden, says the city’s Independent Budget Office. Calculating New Yorker’s combined city-state tax burden for 2003–04, the IBO came up with the hefty tariff of $9.02 for every $100 earned. The equivalent number in Dallas, for instance, was $5.20. So what are we getting for our extra $3.82 that big-haired Texans aren’t? (Well, other than the obvious things like the ability to walk on sidewalks, or sidewalks in general?) Health care, for one thing — the city paid 25 percent of Medicaid costs in 2003 and 2004, running up a $42 billion tab until Albany capped that spending. Naturally, business advocacy groups see the numbers as “very troubling.” We’re not so sure. Quality of life is a tough thing to quantify, but ask yourself this: Would you move to Dallas for a 3.82 percent salary increase?

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