Manhattan Is in the Money; Brooklyn Isn’t So Much

It should come as no surprise that Manhattan boasts the fastest-growing salaries in all of the United States; having the hub of the country’s financial operations situated here will do that. The average Manhattanite’s weekly wage is $1,453, virtually double the national average of $784, according to new federal stats. Sounds about right. What caught our eye, however, is that only one other borough rakes in the dough at the above-average rate — and it’s Queens. The typical weekly salary there is $792; the Post chalks it up to La Guardia and JFK, which is a bit puzzling because airports don’t strike us as high-wage hotbeds. Still, money-makin’ Queens easily beats the Bronx’s weekly $760, Staten Island’s $708, and Brooklyn’s paltry $691. That’s right: The oh-so-gentrified Borough of Kings comes dead last. We assume that’s because everyone there is a freelancer.

N.Y. Hits ‘Pay’Dirt [NYP]