Maria Bartiromo Feels Pretty, Oh So Pretty

Before Maria Bartiromo was on MSNBC and flying on private jets, she lived a life out of West Side Story. Speaking of Bartiromo, Citigroup head Charles Prince may have leaked the jet-ride scandal to the media. Former Philippines first lady Imelda Marcos uploaded some unintentionally funny government-propaganda films to YouTube. Financier Henry Kravis complained that he wasn’t invited to Stephen Schwarzman’s blowout birthday party. Brad and Angelina needed beads and masks to escape from a New Orleans restaurant.

A warrant for Daniel Baldwin’s arrest was issued while he was shooting a movie. Sharon Stone, Jay Leno, and Jeff Bezos have all worked at McDonald’s. Jim Carrey is trying to avoid becoming the next Kathie Lee Gifford. Tracy Morgan and former “It” boy Fabian Basabe both copped to DUI charges yesterday. Vanessa Minnillo is not renewing her contract to stay on MTV, unless she is. Michael Jackson tried to get courtside tickets to the NBA All-Star game in Las Vegas but failed. Jerry Seinfeld loves Porsches. “Warhol Week” kicks off at the Gershwin Hotel next Monday. Cindy Adams drops some Journalism 101 knowledge regarding her Tiki Barber–NBC “scoop.” Liz Smith found Factory Girl a “compulsively enjoyable bad movie.”