Miss Anna Likes Cat People!

Anna Wintour was in on that Romanian “Cat People” Fashion Week stunt from the get-go. Heidi Fleiss is set to sell a tape that supposedly features former client Charlie Sheen gallivanting with a transsexual named Kayla Coxx. Anderson Cooper wants kids. Georgina Chapman would like you to know she was in twelve movies before she landed roles in the Weinstein-produced Factory Girl and Nanny Diaries, thank you very much. Bungalow 8 owner Amy Sacco is a proud size 12.

Alan Cumming wore a kilt when he wed Grant Shaffer. “Overrated” D.J.’s the MisShapes pitched a hissy fit when they weren’t seated in the front row at the G-Star fashion show. Rosie O’Donnell talked smack about Anna Nicole Smith right before she died. A rat infestation is causing havoc at XM Satellite Radio’s D.C. office. A dating tip from new Scope spokesman Brody Jenner: “I highly recommend getting a second cell phone number — I have three. One phone goes straight to voice mail.”