NYU Paper Reveals Secret, But Apparently University-Run, Red Dragon Society


Photo: Getty Images

Find NYU lacking in a certain snobby, Ivyish je ne sais quoi? Maybe not anymore. Turns out the little Washington Square college that could has a positively Yalesque secret society of its own. Today’s Washington Square News brings word of the Red Dragon Society, a very hush-hush alumni organization into which notable NYU seniors are inducted. It’s not quite as cloak and dagger as the Bush boys’ New Haven hangout, but it’s still worth something. “If you are a dragon,” one member conspiratorially tells the student paper, “you have connections to certain people that can make things happen.” Yes, to certain people like … NYU’s dean of arts and sciences, who issues the invitations to join. Very underground, that.

A Century of Secrets [WSN]