So There Was Some Awards Thing Last Night?

Forest Whitaker and other Oscar revelers celebrated at parties. In New York, celebrity viewers were either at Elaine’s, with EW, or the Spotted Pig, with New York. Brandon Davis ruined Paris Hilton’s birthday party by harassing Paula Abdul and Courtney Love. Ron Burkle had George Clooney, Beyoncé, Clint Eastwood, and a bevy of other celebs over his house for a private Giorgio Armani runway show. Harvey Weinstein used direct-marketing techniques to get Rosario Dawson and Lindsay Lohan to come to a party. To which Cameron Diaz showed up with Tyrese. Courteney Cox spent at least $750,000 on a Damien Hirst. Josh Hartnett brought Helena Christensen back to his room at the Chateau Marmont.’s Jessica Coen left the Miramax Oscar party because it smelled too good, missed Ben Affleck and Helen Mirren.

Hugh Hefner is planning to marry to girlfriend No. 1 Holly Madison. A group of partiers got booze delivered to their room at the Mondrian by dropping Lindsay Lohan’s name. Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban made nice with Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes at the CAA Oscar fête. George Lucas showed up at the Beverly Hills Hotel “Night Before” Oscar party with Good Morning America’s Mellody Hobson. Sharon Stone and Andie MacDowell are not friendly. Jackass Bam Margera was strip-searched at the airport when returning from his honeymoon in Dubai. Liev Schreiber stayed in New York to rehearse a play even though Naomi Watts was presenting in L.A., but he still managed to get swag. Leonardo DiCaprio is happy to have taken Martin Scorsese’s cherry. Peter O’Toole got winded after climbing the stars at Soho House in L.A. Liz Smith likes Paris Hilton; she just doesn’t want her to have children.