Squatting in Bushwick Not as Much Fun as on Broadway

Bushwick: Christian anarchists squat with no heat, lights, or water. Rent made it seem much more fun. [The L Magazine]
Chelsea: Atop David Barton Gym in the old 23rd Street YMCA building, the penthouse is still unoccupied, its price sagging from $7.4 to $7.2 mil. [BlogChelsea]
Greenwich Village: Who’s that grinning from the toilet in the floor plan of this $645,000, on-the-market Fourth Avenue loft? Could it be … Satan? [Curbed]
Harlem: Talk about mighty Aphrodite. Yet another Aphrodite Cleaners is opening at 113th and Frederick Douglass, within blocks of three others. No wonder locals are calling the chain “the Starbucks of Harlem.” [Harlem Fur]
Park Slope: Book-industry thuggery? Adam’s Books on Bergen Street has been reshingled Unnameable Books after owner Adam (duh) was visited by a violent goon who may or may not have been from the (slightly defensive?) Adams Book Company. [Brooklyn Record]
Woodside: Hey, is that a new residence at 65th Place … or with all that metal cladding, is it a live-in Brinks Truck? [Queens Crap]