That Big Party You Kept Reading Stephen Schwarzman Was Planning? He Had It

Wall Street buyout king Stephen Schwarzman threw a party at the Park Avenue Armory. It cost $3 million. Lydia Hearst is only giving away her limited-edition purses to “role models”; Britney Spears asked for one at last week’s Heatherette show but was turned down. An executive assistant at Jive Records was fired for using interns to sell pre-release Justin Timberlake albums at $50 a pop. Registered nurse Judi Giuliani helped out a sick passenger on an airplane. Bill and Hillary are having Valentine’s Day dinner at a secret location tonight. Mario Batali won a lawsuit against his landlord at Del Posto. Paris Hilton will celebrate her birthday this Saturday with Nicole Richie and Snoop Dogg.

Playboy faves the Barbi twins tried to get Anna Nicole Smith to go to rehab, to no avail. Kristin Davis and former L.A. Laker Rick Fox are now dating. Nicky Hilton is being sued for reneging on a deal with a hotel developer. A Times article on Monday noted that Bolivia is home to the occasional bout of Catholic Church–sponsored cannibalism, but a rep from the country denies it. Irv Gotti started a fight with 50 Cent at the Palm in Los Angeles. Phil Collins is still dating Channel 2 news anchor Dana Tyler. Judith Regan gets murdered in an upcoming episode of Law & Order. The amenities at the London NYC hotel aren’t as great as some reviews on travel sites would make them out to be. Liz Smith takes credit for getting Scorsese, Eastwood, Spielberg, and others their Oscar nominations this year. Wesley Snipes’s favorite pickup line: “Hi, I’m Eddie Murphy.”