V-Day in Celebland

Spike Jonze and Drew Barrymore spent Valentine’s Day together. Nicole Kidman and Keith Urban spent Valentine’s Day apart. Sarah Jessica Parker and Matthew Broderick spent Valentine’s Day together, but seemed “distant.” Mike Myers, Hugh Jackman, and Joan Collins all spent Valentine’s Day at the Waverly Inn, though, presumably, not together. Mike Bloomberg’s favorite singer is Aretha Franklin. Liz Smith says Steve Schwarzman’s birthday blowout could have cost as much as $15 million.

Michael Richards will be mock-tried for being a racist at USC tomorrow. Ralph Fiennes’s alleged mile-high paramour confessed to the deed, but says they also slept together in a hotel the following night. Donald Trump wagered his hair on a WWE wrestling match. The VA refused to cooperate with a Discovery magazine article on the recuperation struggles of wounded soldiers. Oscar nominees had makeup specifically designed for high-def TV appearances blown on by a compressor gun. Jay-Z and LeBron James are hosting a dinner in Vegas’s All-Star diner Tao tomorrow night. Spike TV is your new home of competitive eating. Current Producers star Tony Danza doesn’t like being filmed while onstage. Newspapers and magazines frequently confuse black people in photos.