A Hargitay’s Work


Mariska Hargitay out on the town on March 21, March 19, March 11, March 6, February 26, and January 28.Photo: Getty Images (March 21) and Patrick McMullan (others)

The theological battle over Mariska Hargitay rages on. Last week, Daily Intel named her “the patron saint of Party Town” for her regular appearances on our end-of-day wrap-up of boldfaced parties scheduled for that night. But dedicated Mariskavites were having none of it, and by Monday we’d received more than a few angry missives from her devoted followers. (“What is your problem with this wonderful woman?” was a not untypical bit of protest.) Then, Tuesday, we crossed paths with The Hargitay herself, who also objected to the honor, though more genteelly. “I never go out,” she told us. “I’m a mom now.” Oh? A quick search of the PatrickMcMullan.com archives — okay, actually a grueling slog through those archives, as is par for the course with the barely functional McMullan site — reveals no fewer than five Marish appearances already this year: a dinner to honor Olivier Theyskens on March 19; Talk Radio’s opening night on March 11; a Liz Claiborne event on March 6; Dining by Design on February 26; and the SAG Awards on January 28. All that, plus the Gotham Magazine party in her honor on March 21, which prompted our initial canonization. Is that a sufficiently miraculous performance to warrant the sainthood? We’re sure you’ll let us know.