Anand Jon Was Always Creepy

Designer Anand Jon, who’s charged with multiple counts of sexual assault, is a publicity whore and total creep. Among the dogs in Lindsay Lohan’s life right now are a Yorkie, a Jack Russell, and Jude Law. Uma Thurman and André Balazs officially broke up yesterday. Nicole Richie collapsed on the set of The Simple Life in Malibu. A woman once died in Jay McInerney’s bed. The Jewish Theater of New York wants the Times to fire drama editor Rick Lyman for allegedly passing on reviewing Last Jew in Europe because of pressure from the Polish government. NY1 political anchor Dominic Carter wrote a book about his hard-knock childhood. Country-music star Merle Haggard backs Hillary Clinton for president but is not ready to fully commit to her. Florida advertising mogul Jordan Zimmerman is backing Mitt Romney for president. Two more top editors from Life & Style quit.

Kevin Federline canceled his birthday party at a Hollywood club because he couldn’t get a sponsor. Paula Abdul told David Letterman that Simon Cowell’s nickname is “Small Ben.” Keanu Reeves grazed a paparazzo with his car on Monday, but L.A. County police aren’t taking it that seriously. Robbie Williams is out of rehab but back on the sauce. Dick Cheney doesn’t quite want Scooter Libby to get pardoned. Dr. Dre thought Eminem was black when he first heard him rap, says a new book. Ryan Reynolds and Jessica Biel are hooking up, again. Indiana Jones fans, take heart: The fourth installment, starring Harrison Ford and Cate Blanchett, starts filming in June. You can buy Red Sox slugger Manny Ramirez’s grill on eBay for $4,650.