Maher’s Mouth Strikes Again

Bill Maher is upset that Arianna Huffington removed comments advocating the death of Dick Cheney from her blog. Someone is buying Leonard Bernstein’s old apartment in the Dakota for $25.5 million, but brokers maintain it’s not Tom Cruise and Katie Holmes. Grey’s Anatomy producers are using Isaiah Washington’s recent gay slurs as leverage in salary negotiations. A dog bit Rachael Ray on the leg in Union Square. Will Smith hurt his shoulder. Kanye West is shipping a Welsh chef across the Atlantic just for a business meeting. Daniel Boulud leased a wine locker in his upcoming restaurant to a banker for $15,000 a year. K-Fed partied in Vegas while the kids slept with a nanny in a hotel room. More nude Britney Spears pics will soon be auctioned off to the tabloids.

Jake Gyllenhaal had some difficulty underwear shopping in Bloomingdale’s. Majority Leader Dick Armey thinks Barack Obama is a sissy for using Nicorette to stop smoking. Greasy oil heir Brandon Davis got a tongue-lashing from the MC at the Box after insulting the D.J.. Former As Four designer Kai Kuhne took out his anger-management problems on an intern. A Lou Reed scholarship is being set up at the rocker’s alma mater, Syracuse. The Casting Society of America is launching a campaign to get casting directors their own Academy Award. A campaign is also afoot to anoint Greenwich Avenue between West 12th and West 13th Streets “Little Britain.” Guillermo del Toro wrote all the subtitles for Pan’s Labyrinth. Bill Clinton likes movies starring The Rock.