Blogs Not Stylish Enough For ‘Vogue’

Valerie Plame allegedly canceled her upcoming chat with Keith Olbermann because her publisher wants to “maximize the publicity” when her book comes out. At a recent fundraiser, Bill Clinton attacked the New York Times for the paper’s treatment of his wife. (Who he thinks is “very electable”). Anna Wintour thinks the word “blog” is “garish-sounding,” and wants her staff to come up with an alternate word. Michael Wolff is going to Michael’s tonight for a party, breaking a two-year boycott after he was once denied a table. Famous folks continue to eat at the Waverly Inn. Lindsay Lohan has partied a lot since she came to New York last week.

Writer A.E. Hotchner is upset that the lead detective in CBS show “Criminal Minds” is named “Aaron Hotchner.” Wax from a flower arrangement dripped onto a guest’s face at the opening of Allegra Hicks’ new boutique, but he wasn’t hurt. British police think Heather Mills calls too often to complain about harassment from paparazzi. Heather Graham and boyfriend Charles Ferri are in Ireland, and in love. Jay-Z’s boycott of Cristal remains intact, despite what Rush and Malloy reported yesterday. Judith Giuliani acted a bit screwy at a recent New York fundraiser. Katie Couric went shoe shopping. Anna Benson is still bitching about the Mets. The manuscript for “The Mickey Mantle Novel” goes into graphic detail about the slugger’s tryst with Marilyn Monroe.