Death By Implants

Josh Hartnett was involved in a bar brawl on the Lower East Side, but it’s unclear whether his posse started it. Siberia owner Tracy Westmoreland is the new nightlife correspondent for Fox News’ Redeye With Greg Gutfeld. (Also, Siberia is still open!) Naomi Campbell will have to sweep an undisclosed New York City facility for five days as punishment for assaulting a maid with a cell phone. Robert Downey Jr. plays a drunken journalist in Zodiac but wouldn’t want to be one in real life. Governor Jon Corzine’s ex, Carla Katz, is “getting cozy” with Newark mayor Cory Booker. Courtney Love claims Paris Hilton had a “big pile of white powder” in the bathroom of her birthday party on Oscar eve. A new Anna Nicole Smith rumor: death by implants.

Cameron Diaz dropped surfer Kelly Slater for Tyrese Gibson. The Grammys will again be in L.A., just as they’ve been for nine out of the past ten years. American Idol will soon have an African edition. The Bachelor runner-up Sadie Murray is out of a job and out of a man. Star Jones will star in an upcoming episode of Law & Order: SVU. Brooke Shields feels for Britney Spears. Serena Williams’s dogs slept in someone else’s hotel room. Mandy Moore “feels badly” that she can’t fit into designer sample-size dresses. Joaquin Phoenix snapped at Patrick McMullan for touching him on the shoulder. 60 Thompson owner Jason Pomeranc is looking to expand his business to Miami. Bill Clinton dined at the Spotted Pig with Bono, Ron Burkle, and Jay-Z. An “overtanned, underfed” socialite tried to crash Steve Schwarzman’s birthday party but failed. Parker Posey shopped for vintage clothes on Mulberry Street.