Fighting ‘Times’

A fight in the New York Times Style department between fashion editor Anita LeClerc and deputy editor Mary Ann Giordano got physical when LeClerc actually shoved Giordano. Lindsay Lohan still doesn’t get along with her (recently released from prison) father. Elton John capped his 60th-birthday weekend in New York by spending time at Roseland with a leather-clad, muscular African-American man. “Page Six” resurrects its vendetta against Keith Olbermann, this time claiming he once asked out a porn star and was rejected. Inventive Spanish chef Dr. Miguel Sanchez Romera is looking for a Village townhouse in which to open up a Manhattan branch of his Barcelona eatery, L’Esguard. Anna Nicole Smith wanted to play Marilyn Monroe in a Joe DiMaggio biopic but was turned down for the role.

Jamie Burke and his band played an encore from behind the curtain at the Box. Kid Rock got a ride from Marquee to Bungalow 8 on the back of a police horse. Rod Stewart’s son, Sean, is a big fan of the singer’s wife, Rachel Hunter. Former MPAA head Jack Valenti had a stroke but is okay. L.A. nightlife impresario Amanda Demme is trying to open up a slew of new hangouts, including one in Santa Monica. Prince Harry either shoved or “fell into” a photographer outside a London nightclub. Rose McGowan didn’t want her fellow female Grindhouse stars wearing red at the movie’s L.A. premiere so as not to upstage her own outfit. HBO has ordered a dozen episodes of its newest series, a “surf noir” titled John From Cincinnati. Benji and Joel Madden from Good Charlotte love their BlackBerrys. Allegra Versace is being treated for anorexia. A Starbucks barista got Arnold Schwarzenegger’s order wrong. Manolo Blahnik is a stickler for clean feet. The sexually explicit biography of Mickey Mantle that Cindy Adams reported is coming out is actually a novel, she says today. Batten down the hatches: Tom, Katie, and Suri are coming to New York to house-shop.