Free Alfred Taubman

Former Sotheby’s head Alfred Taubman claims he had no part in the price-fixing scandal that put him in jail in 2002. A cabbie claims Terrence Howard asked a blonde lady friend to engage in a rather disgusting grooming procedure, though Howard’s rep denies it was he. Bono took a private tour of Harvard, perhaps for one of his kids. Tina Brown and Harold Evans threw a dinner party for Helen Mirren. Judith Miller had lunch with Mort Zuckerman. Lindsay Lohan left one club for another because she thought her dad, recently released from prison, was about to show up. More firings may be imminent in CBS’ news division. Natalia McLennan, once dubbed the No. 1 call girl in the city by New York Magazine, is back working as a prostitute.

Some musicians who used to play with Billy Joel claim they were undercompensated in an upcoming biography of the singer. Jaws star Roy Scheider has dropped the asking price on his Hamptons beach house to $18.75 million. Phil Spector was involved in a string of domestic-violence incidents even before the death of Lana Clarkson in 2003, says Los Angeles magazine. Questions are arising over the veracity of Steven Soderbergh’s upcoming biopic Che. Nicole Richie and Paris Hilton will be counselors at a fat camp in the upcoming season of The Simple Life. Leonardo DiCaprio co-wrote and narrated an environmental documentary, and it’s decidedly one-sided. Milla Jovovich sang and played acoustic guitar for a bunch of fashionistas in Paris.