In the American Political System the People Are Represented by Two Separate But Equally Important Groups...


Thompson on Meet the Press in 2005.Photo: Getty Images

Former Senator Fred Thompson, who now plays a district attorney on ‘Law & Order,’ told Fox News today that he’ll make a decision in the coming months about whether to jump into the field of Republican candidates vying for the 2008 presidential nomination.” —The Caucus, New York Times, yesterday

Daily Intel tried to contact Thompson for comment on this matter. Unable to reach him, we relied instead on answers in the public record — that is, actual L&O quotes he’s delivered as District Attorney Arthur Branch. The Q&A is after the jump. Duh-DUM.

Daily Intel: Mr. Thompson, in all the Law & Order promo materials you’re described as a “former senator.” But as soon as you mentioned running, the media immediately began to refer to you as an “actor.” Do you find this annoying?
Well, I guess it beats dousing yourself in rum and lighting up a Cohiba.

And yet, as the press mentioned, you’ve spent far more time in the Senate than Barack Obama.
[Pours himself a single malt.] That would be worth two points on Election Day.

Why run now? Do you see a unique opportunity because the current GOP field seems so weak?
It’s not enough to do good — you gotta be seen doing good.

What do you mean?
Sometimes the good you do won’t do you any good.

We’re confused. Let’s move on. You were the minority council during the Watergate hearings. What do you think of the Scooter Libby trial? Will he give up Cheney?
It’s not easy being objective about your father. Takes a lot of strength.

When Schwarzenegger ran for governor of California, networks were prohibited from broadcasting his movies lest they be construed as a form of electioneering. Does this mean that your run will deprive us of Law & Order reruns for months on end?
[Turns up trench-coat collar and heads toward elevator.] God willing.

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