It’s 10 a.m.: Do You Know Where Your Children Are?


Jorgenson on Channel 5.Photo: Bill Jorgenson

Omigod! It’s finally here! As you’ve no doubt heard in countless promos aired during American Idol, 24, Seinfeld reruns, and whatever else you might happen to watch on Channel 5, this year is the 40th anniversary of the station’s ten o’clock news, the first newscast at that hour in New York. And today, dear readers, is the actual birthday. Yup, 40 years ago tonight, Bill Jorgenson — whom Tim Murphy interviewed for the current issue of New York — anchored that very first broadcast, and to mark the occasion, Tim dug up some great YouTube clips. They’re funky, they’re pompadoured, and they’re after the jump. Enjoy.

10 O’Clock News Intro, 1977:

Jorgenson after his move to Channel 11 Action News, 1979:

Bill Jorgenson, Mad as Hell [NYM]