More Bad News for Time Inc.

The cafeteria at Time Inc. has a rodent and plumbing problem. Arnold Schwarzenegger is considering running for Senate. Nobu partner Drew Nieporent just opened Mai House, a Vietnamese eatery on Franklin Street, says Cindy Adams. (Actually, Cindy, he opened it a few months ago.) Some snobby Columbia students were disappointed that alum Matthew Fox was chosen to speak at graduation. Howard Stern filmed a naked basketball segment with porn stars for his TV show. Martha Stewart is not fond of the courtroom sketch artist who drew her.

Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez will have to substantially edit their upcoming superviolent flick Grindhouse just to get it an R rating. A woman claims Don King’s son owes her child support. Christina Aguilera is a sexual being. Designer and accused rapist Anand Jon has a previous history of deviant behavior. The jails in Monaco are more like resorts than detention facilities. Angelina Jolie went to Ho Chi Minh City to pick up her new kid. Halle Berry and boyfriend Gabriel Aubrey are getting serious. Ryan Philippe threw a Whopper at the paparazzi. Beyoncé and Jay-Z celebrated the birthday of a formerly overweight contestant from America’s Next Top Model (with Cristal, no less). Nick Cannon and Selita Ebanks like being photographed together. Liz Smith broke two bones on a trip to Texas.