New Yorkers Know Best

New York's annual "Best of New York" issue came out this week, and, this being New York, everyone's got an opinion on it. Of the hundred-plus honors distributed — this still being New York — most of the discussion was about food, with readers dissecting everything from — literally — dollars to doughnuts. After the jump, a sample of blogland's ongoing, subjective debates.

Rewind and Review on Best Comfort Food: Spotted Pig: "I found it less than 'comforting.' Maybe because I am from Georgia I have a different idea of what comfort is … I'd get more comfort inside my tiny apartment!"
The Secret Life of a Would-Be Writer on Best First-Date Bar: Dove: "Our first date was back in 2003 and it wasn't at the Dove, but why argue with a bright, glossy page in New York Magazine? I swear this is the first piece of relationship publicity I didn't mastermind. We're just fucking adorable, what can I do?"
White Trash BBQ on Best Barbecue: Rub: "It's great to see that New York's barbecue restaurants are finally getting the respect they deserve. Finally, the reviewers are reviewing New York's barbeque restaurants without comparison to their southern counterparts."
The Blognut on Best Doughnuts: Pies-n-Thighs: "The only qualm I have with NYMs review is their declaration that cake Doughnuts are somehow more authentically American than yeast-raised. … Really I’m just trying to justify my own preference for raised Donuts here since the NYMag article made me feel un-American."
DealBreaker asked author and former analyst Dana Vachon's opinion on a 2006 Best of New York pick: Best Place to Meet a Wall Street Guy: Fizz: "It's like Au Bar on drugs, which is to say it is just like Au Bar," he said. "On most nights it's totally empty. On good nights, generally after benefits, it resembles a tweaked-out Sultan's caravan, minus the virgins."
BlogBurger on Best Burgers: "My very first restaurant job, Fairway Café, is on the list and I can say having eaten MANY that it is a pretty damn good burger, though selling it for $12 on a Pepperidge Farm bun is criminal."
A Hamburger Today on Gael Greene's best lowbrow burger: White Castle: "We love you, Gael Greene — almost as much as we love White Castle."