No Potatoes Dauphinoise for You!

Famed midtown French restaurant Brasserie LCB was shuttered by the Health Department after the chef got into a spat with inspectors. Lindsay Lohan performed a stripper routine at the Box, and the crowd went wild. She also rebuffed a karaoke come-on from former flame Wilmer Valderrama. Richard Johnson and wife Sessa von Richthofen gave birth to a baby girl. Tom Brady and Gisele dined at the Spotted Pig on Saint Patrick’s Day. Hillary supporters with $2,300 to burn can go biking with Bill Clinton on the Upper West Side as part of a fund-raising effort.

Ralph Fiennes’s mile-high-romp partner is actually a former call girl. And his latest conquest is a dancer. Kirsten Dunst went from one musician to another. Martin Scorsese cut a lengthy sex scene in The Departed after actress Sallie Toussaint did a magazine spread without his permission. Producer Steve Tisch is splitting from wife Jamie, but Steven Soderbergh denies he is splitting from wife Jules Asner. Desperate Housewives star Jesse Metcalfe is no longer welcome at the Mondrian in LA. Andy Baldwin, the latest Bachelor for ABC, put his doctor skills to good work at the show’s wrap party in Hawaii. Star Jones ordered one of everything on the menu at Philippe. Liz Smith loves Roseanne Barr. Breaking! Kim Kardashian confessed to knowing about her sex tape.