PETA Sets Its Sights on Jake

Jake Gyllenhaal has his fans in an uproar after he remarked that he likes going to farms and watching pigs get slaughtered in an interview with GQ. Quentin Tarantino and Robert Rodriguez finally edited enough sex and gore out of upcoming flick Grindhouse to get it an R rating. (In an unrelated note, Tarantino also once boxed Bob Dylan). Spike Lee’s wife D.J.-ed his 50th-birthday party with an iPod. A movement is afoot in Hollywood to get Al Gore to run for president, but he says he’s “99 percent” certain he won’t. Lil’ Jon will be in the next edition of the Guinness Book of World Records for “biggest bling.” Radiohead may record their next album on Starbucks’ record label. Island/Def Jam chairman L.A. Reid and Jay-Z may be having difficulties negotiating Jay’s salary, but Reid denies it.

On-off couple Katie Couric and trumpeter Chris Botti may be “on” again. Giants quarterback Eli Manning proposed to college sweetheart Abby McGrew. Band-Aid queen Casey Johnson is adopting a baby from Kazakhstan after efforts to procure one from Cambodia fell through. Liquor heir Edgar Bronfman claims that ex–World Jewish Congress head Israel Singer owes him $500,000 after funds from the Congress mysteriously disappeared two years ago. Former Tyco head and current jailbird Dennis Kozlowski says he regrets the $2 million birthday party he threw his wife. Nicky Hilton canceled her Miami Fashion Week show, perhaps over her spat with Lydia Hearst. Lucy Sykes and her husband gave birth to a boy.