Presumably It’s a Pay-Per-View Audience

Don King will meet the Pope on March 21. Sarah Jessica Parker is launching a low-end fashion line. Judith Regan is in China signing a TV deal. New Line execs want Jake Gyllenhaal to play Captain Marvel, but they’ll have to get to him before he’s tapped for Spider-Man 3. Sushi joint Bond St is closing for a month due to an electrical fire. Jennifer Hudson and American Idol winner Fantasia Barrino hit the clubs in Chicago. The weekly paper City Hall asked pundits to nickname presidential candidates, and Ed Koch called Hillary Clinton “Lady Godiva,” though he meant Lady Guinevere.

Anderson Cooper hung out with a guy at Equinox gym. Jessica Simpson wants a kid and wants to adopt. Celebrity stylist Anand Jon has been charged with rape. Kid Rock is “just friends” with model May Anderson. Monica Lewinsky had dinner with an older man. Mischa Barton booted and rallied at Anchor Bar. The Today show suffered a ratings decline during last month’s sweeps, but NBC isn’t worried. Rick Hilton said he spoiled Paris growing up. Vito from The Sopranos has bad luck with air travel.