The Exquisite Vagueness of a Conversation With DVF


DVF last nightPhoto: Patrick McMullan

What: "Diane von Furstenberg celebrates International Woman's Day"

Where: Bergdorf Goodman

When: Last night

The Fashion Week tents will have to leave Bryant Park. You're CFDA president — where should they move?
Oh, I have a dream about that, so I'm not gonna say.

Any hints?
No. It'll be a nice spot.

Is it in … Brooklyn?

Is it uptown?
It's in Manhattan.

Any landmarks nearby?
I don't know. We'll work with the city on that. [Looks at Karenna Gore Schiff across the room.] Isn't her dad great? I wish he were running.

Who will you vote for?
I'll vote for the Democratic candidate.

But who do you want it to be? Hillary?
If it's Hillary, that's fine …

But who would you prefer it was? Barack?
I'll vote for the Democratic candidate, we'll see. —Justin Ravitz