The Irresolvable Argument Heard Round the World

In this week's New York cover story, we considered the merits of both New York and London. Who has better food, fashion, and nightlife? Is New York still the world's financial capital? What about progressive city planning or juicier gossip? We were hesitant to cede some of these points, but London got more credit than we knew we could give. And judging from the reactions of British papers and blogs, it's about bloody time. (But we still have better sex.) After the jump, opinions from around the world.

• "Both cities suck. Too busy, dirty and noisy. Too many people, and too many idiots. –Fletcher, Canada" [This Is London]
• "We’d actually go as far as to say London was the capital of the 19th Century as well. What with the Empire and the Industrial Revolution and the invention of the wheel and all that business. But we wouldn’t want to milk it. That would seem churlish." [Boyz]
• "The biggest difference between the two cities, both of which are excellent places to eat out, is expectations, or standards. New Yorkers feel they have a birthright to good food. Londoners don’t." [The Slaughtered Lamb/London Telegraph]
• "Can we lay this ridiculous rivalry to rest now? They are different cities. They have different feels. They are both fantastic (at least, I am assuming London is) but both have aspects that, were this a sitcom and the cities a ne'er-do-well older brother who lives over the garage, would cause us to cock our heads to the side and affectionately say "oh, not again!" while the studio audience did a laugh/awww hybrid. Okay, New York Magazine? Can we get over this now?" [ReadySteadyGo]
• "For those fortunate to have been to both cities, we each have our own preference. But some things are beyond comparison, surely. Consider: Hyde Park or Central Park? The London Underground or the New York Subway? The Tate Modern or MOMA? Pasties and fruitcakes or bagels and pretzels? Often it’s not as straightforward a task as merely tabulating a list of likes and dislikes." [Rampant in London]
• "If you must find a 'World Capital' for the 21st century, then look no farther than right here. Los Angeles is the future, in all its confusing sprawl, its uneasy and somewhat balkanized neighborhoods, its chasm between high and low, and its embrace of both … We are unburdened by history in Los Angeles, and that's an important trait this century." [Immodest Proposals]