What This Town Needs Is a George Plimpton Statue

Astoria: RightRides, which offers free late-night rides home to female, transgendered, and gay people, has extended its services to the area. [Joey in Astoria]
Brooklyn Heights: What is that piercing alarm coming from Montague Street late at night? [Something Loud and Annoying This Way Comes]
Chelsea: One day after a story is published about David Peckham’s lawsuit against his landlord, much of his apartment goes dark. [Blog Chelsea]
East Village: Porny billboards aren’t just for the Lower East Side anymore. [Gothamist]
Greenwich Village: No wonder every unit at the new 25 Bond condo is pre-sold. Now that the wrapping’s off, we can see how gorgeous it is. [Curbed]
Upper East Side: You know what would really class up the joint? A statue of George Plimpton. [Radar]